Experienced Attorneys Who Understand The Importance Of Your Case, And Who Will Advocate For Your Interests

The law firm of Fischer & Phinney understands that the most important Family Law matter is yours, and is dedicated to understanding the contours and complexities of your case, providing you with preeminent legal advice, and zealously advocating for your rights and best interests through negotiation and settlement or in Court when necessary.

Why Choose Fischer & Phinney?

Choosing the right attorney for your Family Law matter may be one of the most important decisions you can make. Our reputation for compassionate, thorough, and tough representation is built on decades of experience and legal practice. Understanding the uniqueness and complexities of your case and the intricacies of the law, Fischer & Phinney are well equipped to help you navigate your legal matter in a clear and professional manner with a commitment to achieve the best results.

Why Entrust Your Family Law Matter To Fischer & Phinney?

  • Professional and Experienced attorneys and staff
  • Over 25 years of collective Family Law practice experience
  • Skilled Negotiators and Aggressive Court Litigators
  • Complimentary 30 Minute Family Law Consultations
  • Zealous representation of Your Rights and Interests
  • Passionate Advocates for the Best Interests of Your Children
  • Affordable, Quality Legal Representation
  • Superior Customer Service

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  • "had an excellent experience"

    I just finished an initial consultation with Mr. Thomas Fischer and had an excellent experience. I am going through divorce mediation with a different attorney and just wanted another opinion on my case. Mr. Fischer spent well over the 30 minutes scheduled for my appointment to answer all my ques... Read On

  • "really cares about his cases and his clients."

    Thomas is one of the few honorable lawyers I've ever met. He's a pleasure to work with and provides clarity throughout the entire process. He really cares about his cases and his clients. I couldn't recommend him enough. Read On