3 Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer When Going Through a Divorce

Posted by Thomas M. FischerApr 17, 20240 Comments

It's no secret that going through a divorce can be extremely hard. You may have known that the separation was coming, or the whole thing may have been a surprise. Whatever the case, you should work hard to have the best divorce lawyer by your side, especially if you have children. According to Custody X Change, a helpful software tool for divorced parents, when both sides of a divorce have legal representation, a settlement is reached about 86% of the time. This is often the preferred outcome of a divorce, allowing both parties a fair result. Here are three other reasons why you need an excellent divorce lawyer for your case.

1. Looking out for Your Best Interests

An experienced divorce lawyer will fight for you throughout the entire legal process. Going to court can be a fairly daunting task since it's going to be you against your soon-to-be ex-spouse, but your lawyer can buoy your spirits by showing that they are on your side and you aren't alone. That can be a tremendous boost in your confidence and comfort throughout your unique situation.

2. Explaining Terminology, Processes, and More

Divorce law, like many other types of law, can be confusing. Your lawyer will help you navigate the complexities, ensuring that you don't make any costly mistakes. From the language of legal documents to court etiquette, the best divorce lawyer will keep you informed of all the important details of your case.

3. Acting as a Buffer

A divorce is often a painful thing. It represents the loss of a marriage, and a lot of raw emotions can come out during the proceedings. A lawyer can step in if things get too heated. They will act as a shield and pass along messages, and also help cool you down if you're about to make a rash decision that could have bad implications.

The divorce process can be a very complex one, and your lawyer can streamline things. They will ensure that you sign all the necessary documents and also get you to meet all strict deadlines, ensuring your case goes as smoothly as possible. Are you getting divorced? Are you looking for the best divorce lawyer to represent you? Contact our helpful, experienced team at Fischer & Phinney LLP today for a consultation. We look forward to standing by you throughout your case.